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Equipment Loan Facility Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

1.1. We are University of the Arts London, a higher education corporation and exempt charity for the purposes of the Charity Act 1993. Our main place of business is at 272 High Holborn, London, WC1V 7EY (“UAL”, “we, or “our”).

1.2. These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) apply to the loan of any equipment from UAL’s equipment loan facility at any of UAL’s constituent colleges (“Equipment Loan Facility”) via either (i) the Online Resource Booking website ( (the “Website”) or (ii) directly from the Equipment Loan Facility.

1.3. UAL students may loan equipment from the Equipment Loan Facility on a short term basis subject to these Terms.

2. Equipment Ownership and Loan

2.1. All equipment loan requests are subject to approval by the Equipment Loan Facility. Whilst we endeavour to provide equipment for all requests, we reserve the right to reject any request.

2.2. The equipment shall at all times remain the property of UAL, and you shall have no right, title, or interest in or to the equipment (save the right to use of the equipment for the duration of the loan period, subject to these Terms).

3. Eligibility

3.1. To be eligible to loan equipment from the Equipment Loan Facility, you must:

a) be a current student at UAL and have a valid UAL ID card;

b) have a UAL IT account with valid username and password;

c) not have any outstanding Equipment Loan Facility fines (see clause 9) or unpaid charges (e.g. charges as a result of loss of or damage to equipment, non-attendance of studio bookings, holding fee for late returns, leaving equipment outside an Equipment Loan Facility); and

d) not have a block from loaning equipment from the Equipment Loan Facility.

4. Your Obligations

4.1. When loaning equipment from the Equipment Loan Facility, you must:

a) use the equipment in accordance with these Terms;

b) sign our booking form before you loan equipment (“Booking Form”) when requested to do so;

c) collect equipment that is booked in your name, in person. Subject to clause 8.3, equipment will not be issued to another person on your behalf, even with your consent;

d) return equipment to the Equipment Loan Facility by the date and time specified in the loan confirmation email, during the Equipment Loan Facility opening hours;

e) test and check that the equipment is working satisfactorily before leaving the Equipment Loan Facility and report any damage or defects that you notice before leaving the Equipment Loan Facility;

f) ensure all necessary accessories are included with the equipment;

h) use the equipment solely for UAL course-related, not-for-profit, academic pursuits and in accordance with any restrictions applicable in respect of copyright law, software licensing restrictions, health and safety legislation and the terms of the UAL codes and policies, as applicable to students;

i) obtain all necessary licences, consents and permissions regarding use of the equipment;

j) notify Equipment Loan Facility staff before using equipment outside of Great Britain;

k) collect equipment at the time requested. In the event that you cannot collect the equipment at such time, you must inform the Equipment Loan Facility in advance and then either (i) re-book at a suitable alternative time or (ii) cancel the equipment reservation; and

l) return all equipment on or before the date and time specified, during Equipment Loan Facility opening hours.

5. Equipment Malfunction and Returns

5.1. When returning equipment, please report any problems or faults to the Equipment Loan Facility to assist us in avoiding any inconvenience to subsequent users.

5.2. If any equipment malfunctions, or is not returned on time by another user, we will try to offer a suitable replacement.

5.3. The Equipment Loan Facility does not guarantee that batteries will be supplied with equipment that is powered by battery(ies). For any equipment supplied with rechargeable batteries (e.g. digital still & video cameras) the Equipment Loan Facility does not guarantee the batteries will be fully charged before the equipment is loaned. Students are recommended to charge batteries sufficiently before equipment is used.

5.4. Please return equipment in the condition that it was issued to you (e.g. in the correct bag with all the correct cables). Equipment will not be accepted on return to the Equipment Loan Facility unless all of the equipment’s accessories are also returned.

6. Damaged, Loss or Theft of Equipment

6.1. You are responsible for the security of equipment both on and off UAL premises for the duration of the loan period. You must not leave equipment unattended at any time.

6.2. In the event of damage, loss, or theft of equipment, you are liable to UAL for the full repair or replacement cost of the damaged or lost equipment.

6.3. You must report any damage, loss, or theft of loaned equipment to Equipment Loan Facility staff immediately. This will help you to avoid incurring fines unnecessarily and also to avoid inconveniencing others who may have booked the equipment after you.

6.4. You must complete a written form containing the full details of loss or theft of equipment including place, date and time the loss or theft occurred.

6.5. If equipment is stolen you must report this the local Police as soon as possible. A Police Crime Reference Number is required from the Police Station nearest to where the theft occurred (if practicable). The Police Crime Number must be obtained from the Police within 2 days of the theft.

6.6. It is your responsibility to provide the Police with all relevant details of the stolen equipment (make, model, serial number). These details are available from Equipment Loan Facility staff.

7. Insurance

7.1. Equipment is loaned to you at your own risk. This means that if equipment is damaged, lost, or stolen while on loan to you, you have to pay UAL for the repair or equivalent replacement costs – even if the damage, loss, or theft happens on UAL premises.

7.2. Where necessary, you will be notified what the repair or replacement costs amount to. You must pay any such repair or replacement costs via your ORB account. Replacement is on a like-for-like, new-for-old basis. Where equipment is obsolete and no equivalent replacement exists, we will seek equitable financial compensation from you for the equipment.

8. Illness or injury & overdue items

8.1. If you are unable to return the equipment in accordance with clause 4(l) above due to illness or injury, you must notify the Equipment Loan Facility on or before the due date and time.

8.2. A valid medical Certificate of Absence covering the original return date or overdue period must be shown upon equipment return. Failure to do so will result in you being held liable to UAL for any accumulated fine.

8.3. If you are unwell, equipment may be returned to the equipment loan facility by someone else on your behalf; however, you remain responsible should the equipment be damaged, lost, or stolen before it is returned.

9. Fines

9.1. All users of the Equipment Loan Facility are subject to our fine system as further detailed below. The relevant fine tariff will be notified to you on or shortly after the time of booking the equipment. The tariff is non-negotiable.

9.1.1.The fine tariffs for overdue equipment loans are:

(i) tariff 1 = £1 per day, per item

(ii) tariff 2 = £4 per day, per item

(iii) tariff 3 = £10 per day, per item

(iv) tariff 4 = £25 per day, per item.

9.1.2. Important: Fine calculations include a charge for the day the item was due to be returned. Additionally, Saturdays, Sundays, Bank Holidays and UAL holidays are included in the calculation of fines on overdue equipment.

9.1.3. All fines must be paid via the Website; this is for online and bookings made at the Equipment Loan Facility. The steps are as follows:

i) log in to the Website using your UAL username and password,

ii) navigate to ‘My Payments’, and

iii) click the ‘Make Payment’ button. Fines will accumulate daily and will stop accumulating as soon as the overdue equipment is returned to the Equipment Loan Facility.

9.1.4. If you owe fines, charges, or have not returned equipment at the end of the loan period you will be blocked from loaning equipment from the Equipment Loan Facility until equipment has been returned and/or all fines or charges are paid in full. Your pre-existing bookings will be automatically cancelled if a fine is incurred, and you will not be permitted to make any new bookings.

9.1.5. Users who repeatedly abuse the Equipment Loan Facility may be blocked indefinitely from using the Equipment Loan Facility at UAL’s sole discretion.

9.1.6. Important: Fines for equipment which has been damaged/lost/stolen while on loan to you will accumulate on a daily basis until you inform us of the incident and submit your written report to the Equipment Loan Facility. You will not be allowed to loan any further equipment from the Equipment Loan Facility until all such debts are settled in full.

9.1.7. It is in your best interest and the interest of others, to return equipment on time, or earlier, to avoid fines and disruption of other users of the Equipment Loan Facility.

10. Fine appeal process

10.1. To appeal a fine, due to extenuating circumstances, the appeal must be submitted in writing to the Equipment Loan Facility within 7 days of receipt of the fine. Appeals submitted later than 7 days after receipt will not be considered. Full details on the classification of extenuating circumstances may be found on the University’s main website:

10.2. Please note that making an appeal does not change the date on which the payment of your fine is due. The appeal should also include relevant supporting documentary evidence, e.g. medical certificate, police crime report etc.

10.3. NB. Appeals must be submitted before fines are paid as refunds cannot be given.

10.4. All appeals should be sent via email and addressed to the Technical Coordinator at the Equipment Loan Facility for your particular college. The emails are as follows:

For Camberwell: email to

For Chelsea: email to

For CSM: email to

For Wimbledon: email to

For LCC: email to

For LCF: email to

For LCF Media (only): complete the APPEAL FORM found here

For CCI: email

10.5. Those students appealing fines will not be permitted to use the Equipment Loan Facility until all fines are paid in full or successfully appealed.

10.6. The appeal process stages are:

(i) Your college Equipment Loan Facility manager will deal with your appeal and respond with a decision within 7 days of receiving your appeal.

(ii) Should you wish to dispute the decision you may request that the appeal be escalated to your college Equipment Loan Facility manager’s line manager.


11.1. The Equipment Loan Facility cannot be held liable for any equipment malfunction and would never knowingly loan out equipment known to be faulty. All equipment is regularly checked, serviced, tested, and prepared by the technical team prior to any loan.

11.2. That a daily fine per day overdue will be charged if I do not return equipment by the required date and time (See clause 9 for full details of fines and tariffs).

11.3. That breaching these Terms could prejudice future loan requests.

11.4. I confirm that I have completed the relevant inductions and I know how to use the equipment properly.

11.5. I understand that I must comply with the University’s Disciplinary Code for Students in relation to interactions with the Equipment Loan Facility staff and equipment:

11.6. Specific equipment that requires training is available to all users who have been inducted on its safe use and operation (e.g. ladders, specialist cameras, mechanical tools, photography equipment or studios).

12. Privacy and Data Protection Notice

12.1. We process personal data in accordance with data protection legislation. We will use your personal data as set out in our Privacy Policy.

13. General

13.1. If you have any complaints about the Equipment Loan Facility, you can raise these with the Equipment Loan Facility in accordance with our complaints procedures.

For more information, email your college’s Equipment Loan Facility:

Camberwell: email to

Chelsea: email to

CSM: email to

Wimbledon: email to

LCC: email to

LCF: email to

CCI: email

13.2. These Terms constitute the entire agreement between you and us in relation to its subject matter.

13.3. These Terms are governed exclusively by English Law and the courts of England and Wales will have non-exclusive jurisdiction in relation to it.

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